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Hemorrhoids Authority is an organization of dedicated specialists with a simple goal - to get relevant information to those who are affected by hemorrhoids so that they can find a way to regain control over their lives. We also review the latest hemorrhoids relief options available so people who suffer with hemorrhoids can make informed health care decisions.

3 Body Exercise to Fight Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Did you know that there are several exercises you can do to alleviate your hemorrhoid symptoms? Many sufferers do not. Sitting and standing make your hemorrhoids worse, so here are a few exercises to get your moving and help ease your pain:

#1 Mild Cardiovascular Exercise

Gentle cardiovascular exercise can help prevent and treat hemorrhoids. This includes activities like walking, jogging […]

Surgery vs Supplements: Which One will Relieve Your Hemorrhoids Problems?

If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, you don’t need to be told how life-altering this condition can be. What you do need to be told, however, is how you can go back to normal. Your doctor may suggest surgery, which is very scary for a lot of people. You may not want surgery, but you certainly can’t live this […]

Should You Exercise With Hemorrhoids?

A regular workout routine is an important component for maintaining your colon health and avoiding hemorrhoids. However, some people have questioned whether there are any dangers associated with exercising while experiencing symptoms. Of course this may cause added discomfort, but are there any related dangers?

Actually, there are some routines you can try while experiencing hemorrhoids that may actually help to […]

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

According to the College of Family Physicians, most women who suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy will find relief quickly after giving birth. As the length of a pregnancy increases, women are more likely to find that they have developed hemorrhoids. If you are pregnant or nursing and considering the use a hemorrhoids relief, you’ll want to consult your doctor first. […]

Hemorrhoids Health Trend

Nowadays, it’s common for people to do an Internet search to learn more about medical conditions, symptoms and possible relief options.

A consumer report from the Food and Drug Administration said that in a yearly roundup of popular search words, hemorrhoids were among the top trending health issues in the United States.

According to LiveScience, Google search data found that interest in […]

Quickly Reduce Hemorrhoids Suffering

What can you can do to help reduce your hemorrhoids suffering?
Try one of these suggestions:

Use an ice pack to relieve the swelling you are experiencing in the area, as this may make it easier to sit for an extended period of time.
If pain becomes too severe, stay off your feet and your butt. Instead, take the time to get […]

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