Maintaining proper hygiene is important for the healing and prevention of hemorrhoids.

Poor hygiene may contribute to itching, irritation and potential complications. Inflamed and damaged hemorrhoid tissue is susceptible to infection caused by bacteria present in fecal matter. In the anal canal, as torn tissue is invaded by this bacteria, an anal abscess can manifest. By keeping the area relatively clean, and thus reducing the bacteria, one also lowers the incidence of these complications.

The presence of increased or sustained moisture caused by anal perspiration, liquid stools, or diarrhea can lead to further irritation and itching. Non-diet related factors such as a yeast infection or a skin disease can also cause complications. Keeping the anal area clean helps prevent these complications, thereby giving the tissue a chance to heal. However, if you are experiencing inflamed tissue, it is important to not aggravate the tissue in the process of cleaning it. Such aggravation can possibly lead to further damage to the tissue.

Things to consider

Do not to use any perfumed or caustic soaps, a scrub brush, or a wash rag in the perianal region (around and in the anus). The chemical or mechanical action of these approaches can further inflame already damaged hemorrhoid tissue.

The use of Sitz Baths, can not only provide therapeutic relief, but can also be used as a cleaning agent for the anus and anal canal as the extended presence of water can break up and dissolve lodge fecal matter. After the administration of any water to the anal region, it is important to dry the area carefully. This can be done by blotting it with a tissue or towel or even a blow dryer on a cool setting. The presence of moisture over a period of time promotes anal itching, thus the necessity in drying the area.

Treating hemorrhoids

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