If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, you don’t need to be told how life-altering this condition can be. What you do need to be told, however, is how you can go back to normal. Your doctor may suggest surgery, which is very scary for a lot of people. You may not want surgery, but you certainly can’t live this way any longer.

Hemorrhoidectomy and Other Surgical Procedures

Surgery to remove hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoidectomy. The doctor makes small cuts around the anus to slice them away. Because it is highly-sensitive near the cuts and you might need stitches, the area can be tender and painful afterward. Recovery most often takes between two to even six weeks before you feel like you are back to your old self. Hemorrhoid surgery is safe and effective most of the time.

This surgery removes current hemorrhoids, but doesn’t stop them from coming back. Even after a surgery, you will still need to eat a high-fiber diet, avoid constipation, and take care of your health to help prevent new hemorrhoid flare-ups. There are also non-surgical procedures that shrink or remove them, such as using a laser, that can be done right in your doctor’s office. Although these may hurt less and have fewer complications, this is not always a long-term solution.

Hemorrhoid Support Supplements

You do have an option beyond surgery. Herbal supplements can provide you with fast, temporary relief from topical symptoms such as burning and itching. Advanced hemorrhoid care also treats internal issues as well, such as bleeding. If you are looking to avoid surgery, you should try everything possible to ease your pain before going under anesthesia and that includes herbal supplements that have been shown effective*.

Talk to your doctor to figure out exactly the right course of action for you. Then, reach out to Western Herbal and order your hemorrhoid support supplements. You can choose from creams, pill-form supplements, or a combination of the two to bring you your much-needed relief.