Living with Hemorrhoids?

It is estimated that most Americans, both male and female, will experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lives.

The problem with hemorrhoids is that most people feel shy about discussing the condition with others, even with their doctors. However, the fact is that the problem is pervasive, with almost half the American population, aged above 50, suffering from one or the other form of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is a condition in which the veins in and around the anus swell due to excessive pressure on them. However, if detected early, hemorrhoids can be solved quickly.

What Leads to Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids develop when the bowel movement is abnormal and you strain yourself to finish it. This is generally the case with people suffering from constipation. Also, pregnancy can lead to hemorrhoids when the pressure builds up in the rectal wall due to the growing fetus. Hemorrhoids can also be caused by anal intercourse, prolonged sitting or a sedentary lifestyle, lifting heavy weights, anal or rectal infection, obesity and eating a low-fiber diet. Other common causes of hemorrhoid development include diarrhea, age and even genetics. Read More

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