What Causes Hemorrhoids?

People of all different ages, sexes and with various lifestyles can experience hemorrhoids. This irritating condition can occur for many different reasons, and there are different theories for the actual mechanics behind their occurrence. However, it is clear that certain situations or conditions precipitate them. Below, we outline some of the most common causes of hemorrhoids.

Health Conditions That Can Cause Hemorrhoids

Straining During Bowel Movements
In the course of normal digestive health, the tissue that comprises the anus engorges with blood during bowel movements, which assists to the body to control the flow of fecal matter.  Over-straining results in the veins remaining engorged for too long a period, which in turn stretches the veins and consequently incites tears in the anal wall, leading in time to the formation of the Internal Hemorrhoid. It is important to use the proper habits when having a bowel movement in order to minimize the possibility of hemorrhoids.
Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation
Sitting for Long Periods of Time
Heavy Lifting or Strenuous Exercise
Lifestyle Factors


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