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Review The Top Hemorrhoid Options

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Depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids, there are many different ways of treating them. If your hemorrhoids are minimal and cause only a small amount of discomfort and itching, there are many creams and ointments available for temporarily relieving those types of symptoms. However, these remedies should only be used for a week or less; if you find that you are relying on topical ointments to control symptoms that are not going away, additional healing may be in order.

The following is a quick overview of hemorrhoid severity levels.

Hemorrhoid Severity Levels
LEVEL-1 Hemorrhoids may bleed, but they do not become protrusions or bumps. Symptoms may include pain and itching.
LEVEL-2 Hemorrhoids have become protrusions or bumps (prolapsed), but they can be pushed back into the anal walls. Symptoms may include bleeding, severe itching and burning.
LEVEL-3 Hemorrhoids cannot retract back into the anal cavity, and must be put back into their original positions manually using a medical procedure. Level 3 hemorrhoids will typically bleed.
LEVEL-4 Hemorrhoids at Level 4 are very painful and may include blood clots. This type of  hemorrhoid is often referred to as a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid. These types of hemorrhoids typically require surgery.


As outlined above, the type of healing depends on the severity of the hemorrhoids and how often they occur. You should consult with your doctor to determine the course of action that is right for you.

There are several healing options available:

Which solution or combination of solutions will work best? The answer depends on:

  • Your particular symptoms and condition
  • Your medical coverage
  • Your budget